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Every year, the Creative Writing 7,8 students at SCPA have the responsibility of organizing The school-wide anthology. The anthology is a collection of visual artwork and writing gathered from the staff and students at SCPA.

Editor in Chief of the anthology, Christy Bales has had published works in previous anthologies and now takes the responsibility for making sure everything runs smoothly in this year’s book. Christy says, “I try and make sure that everyone is on task and included in decision making. I also make sure that we get our forms and announcements in on time, and try to spread the word around campus about the book.”

The process for picking and choosing pieces that go into the book is a major part of the anthology process. Christy says, “How well the piece can be paired with something else in the anthology is a big factor. However, we also take into account artistic ability, originality, rhythm of the writing, and how well the writer/artist conveys their ideas or message.” According to Bales, students can submit as many pieces as they would like, but can only have up to four pieces published, two per art form.

Creative Writing advisor, Susan Strasser, says the anthology began over ten years ago, where the responsibility was taken by the Writing Workshop Class. After the Writing Workshop Class was removed due to budget problems, the anthology too disappeared. Just last year, it was brought back for last year’s Creative Writing majors.

Ms.Strasser says, “Even though venues for art and writing have become more mainstream, with Coffee House and visual art exhibitions, we feel it is still important to have a publication celebrating these two art forms.”  

Students who are not a part of the Visual Arts or Creative Writing major are still encouraged to submit works to the Anthology. SCPA teacher, Erin Fetters, says “ I have encouraged all my students, even the dancers, to submit. I believe that all of us are more than one thing. We have multi-talented people on this campus and it’s so important to share these hidden abilities with the world.”

The anthology, entitled Inscribe, is officially done and has been sent to be published. It will be available at the May coffeehouse for fifteen dollars.

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