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On May 12, the Senior Dance Production, also known as the InMotion Dance Concert, opened with dances that featured a large variety of collaboration between different majors.

The senior dance production is always a widely popular show at SCPA, that a vast majority of students from all grades look forward to. This year was no exception, although the kind of content that was presented may have been. Many of the dances double dipped, incorporating other majors into their choreography. For example, the dance Aquarelle, choreographed by seniors, Kenneth Harian and Jacqueleen Schweighardt, was inspired by a project to create a dance based on a painting.

Another interesting collaboration was “Bring Him Home,” choreographed by Valeria Counts and Angelica Gallegos, which kicked off the beginning of Act II for the production. This dance included live music performed by seniors Deanna Deleon, Jenna Richards, and Daniel Woods.

“We would come together and practice, and then do a run-through with Mrs. Anderson watching to kind of give some pointers. After that we moved to the Grand Theater to practice,” says Richards, about the process of working with dancers for the first time. “It was difficult because we had to write the song by ear, but the dancers had been practicing with a recording and needed to match their movements to our playing.”

Music and visual art weren’t the only things that were integrated into the production this year. Underclassmen are also being introduced to the production this year. Freshman, Mina Shields was also asked by several seniors to perform in their dances this year.

When asked how a freshman becomes a dancer for an advanced production such as InMotion, Shields said, “As a freshman you have be at a 3-4 level but a teacher has to recommend you for an audition.” Mina says that she felt as though she gained a lot from her experience working with the seniors. “I got to see how the whole system works as a production. I got to learn how to dance on the stage and how to perform. It improved me!”

When talking about the end of the InMotion Concert, Richards said, “It was really emotional at the end, even for me because my friends were all crying. I felt like the dancers and I really bonded because they always included us in the creative process!”

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