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Olivia Staples, Student Journalist

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As of January 18, 2017 SCPA’s Guys and Dolls show cancellation is confirmed. The Old Globe Theater decided to produce Guys and Dolls in the summer of 2017, which means anybody within 100 miles of the theater may not conduct the show until 2018. SCPA will replace the show with Cole Porter’s, Anything Goes. The entire Guys and Dolls cast will remain in the new show and show dates and times will remain the same. Mr. Bill Doyle, Director of Anything Goes stated, “I’d love to give a shout out to my cast who handled the situation that was really kind of a challenging situation after they had been cast in the role and all of a sudden got the new. They handled it like real pros and just jumped in and now we are rehearsing the show.”

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