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Ruth Lubao and Samantha Pearce

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During SCPA’s first spirit week of 2017, students dressed up according to the particular spirit day and battled against teachers in ambitious lunch activities at the circle in the sun. To celebrate Winter Formal or “ASB Ball”, SCPA held the 90’s themed spirit week February 21st-24th.


Freshmen, Ashley Sanchez and Breana Nguyen dressed up for all of the spirit days. Sanchez’s princess outfit was a pink skirt, blouse, heels and to top it all off, a crown. On dress up as a teacher day, she wore jeans and a flannel tucked in to resemble Mr. Doyle. Her peers reacted by asking “Are you Doyle?” On Hip Hop apparel day, Sanchez wore saggy mom jeans to show off the top of her boxers and a bomber jacket over her crop top. The last spirit day was dressing up with school colors. Sanchez showed her school spirit by wearing a mustard colored denim skirt, maroon top and thigh high heels.


2020 class president, Breana Nguyen, said “I went online and I searched up the day; so if it was hip hop, I would search up 90’s hip hop’ and I went from there.” For royalty day, Nguyen wore a white dress and a bomber jacket with a crown. For dress up as a teacher day, she wore leggings with Nike socks over, and a tank top with a long sleeve. “I got a lot of compliments on this day because people knew I was Mrs. Curiel,” says Nguyen. For the 90’s day, she stuck with sweats and a windbreaker. For the last day, expressing school colors, she wore class of 2020’s shirt, black leggings, and Nikes. As well as dressing up, she also participated in the activities during lunch. “It was really fun. I wasn’t that competitive because I was rooting for the teachers as well.”


Counselor Lindsey Kurtz, competed in the relay race. “I participated because it’s fun and good for the students to see that teachers and staff can joke, laugh, and have a good time too.” Kurtz would like do the activities again. Principal Timothy Farson also viewed students showing their school spirit and engaged in one of the activities at the circle in the sun. “It’s always exciting when students participate and become unified in their spirit and love for this school.” Stephanie Melville and Farson challenged each other in the upbeat lip sync battle. Both danced around the grand theater and spread their wild energy throughout the whole room. Farson had a great time viewing and experiencing the activities. He stated, “The energy whenever people get together is always exciting and accelerating. It’s fun to take a break and let loose once in awhile and make spirit come to the forefront instead of just always being ingrained while doing work.”


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