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SCPA is known for its celebration of the individual. Many see it as a safe space to express themselves through their words, art or style. With the start of spring a few weeks, many students enthusiastically exchange their bomber jackets for jean ones.

Below, six SCPA students show off their style and tell us what spring fashion means to them. They share their tips, their inspirations, and the lessons they’ve learned from their mistakes in the past.


Taylor Linekin

Class of 2018

Theater Major


What’s your favorite thing about spring-time fashion?

I think being able to express how warm and vibrant  you feel is really cool, so we are all just walking around being cute and feeling cute.


How has your style changed?

In middle school I was definitely emo, so if you look back on these last three years of my life, I’m very cringey. I feel like I’m reinventing myself though, I’m definitely on an incline right now. 

Do you think SCPA’s environment affects your style?

Everyone being so open and loving of everyone definitely helps. I see boys wearing makeup and skirts and girls expressing themselves in different types of fashion. It’s just really great!

Myron Benn

Class of 2019

Musical Theatre Major


Why do you think fashion is so important?

I think fashion is important because it shows the signs of our times. You can look at any time period and you know what’s happening, where it is. It tells a story, tells a social class, it tells us everything.


Do you think our school influences fashion or lets people express themselves?

I think our school is the perfect breeding ground for people that want to experiment with that style. There’s no dress code here so you can wear whatever you want, and not only that. There’s so many different types, there’s so many wild styles here and nobody really judges you for it. So yeah, SCPA definitely influences fashion and San Diego I think.


Ashley Sanchez

Class of 2020



What are popular items you have this spring?

Crop tops, highwaisted shorts, and brighter colors.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever worn?

I wore a silk bright romper that looked like I had multiple designed duct tape put together because I wanted to make a statement… I never wore it again.

Kayviana Holland

Class of 2018

Musical Theatre Major


Who are some people that inspire your fashion during the spring?

I love Solange. She’s just so out there with her style and she loves to do whatever she wants with it. She’s not concerned about somebody else’s opinion.


What does your style consist of this spring?

My spring style consists of a lot of loose flowy shirts and a lot of floral. I also really like colored heels, but I do like to do a lot of monochrome and then a bright color to throw in and switch it up.


Why do you think fashion is important?

I think that fashion is important because it gives me a sense of confidence and an identity. It gives you a presence and allows you to know who you are.

Hillary Barrios

Class of 2018

Instrumental Music Major


What does your Spring style consist of?

My spring style consists of bright and pastel colors. I love bringing out my flowy and flower dresses since it’s starting to get warm, but also keep my bold plum purple raincoat in hand for any spring showers.


Why do you think fashion is important?

Fashion is important because it allows you to express yourself. I step out of my comfort zone, expressing it through fashion. Fashion is different for everyone therefore it makes everyones styles and personality unique.

Lucia Wallin

Class of 2020

Cinematic Arts Major


Who are some people that inspire your style?

This is a hard question, so many! I have a very diverse style I think…Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth. Just 90s style overall, think Liv Tyler from the film Empire Records. I also really like Liz Phair, Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill. A lot of 70s stuff.


What does your spring style consist of?

I’m new to California, but back in Minnesota it rained all the time, so I wore a lot of rain coats and stuff. But here it’s plain tank tops and cool high waisted shorts, crop tops, and flowy dresses.


Do you feel SCPA’s environment influences your style?

I don’t really get style inspiration from anyone here. But I do feel more open to dress how I want, more than I was in Minnesota. People there were just really closed-minded and would call me names and comment on what I was wearing. I’m definitely able to express my style and my art more here.

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