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Zamantha Manalansan, Student Journalist

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Everyone at SCPA has heard of “The Battle of the Majors,” but not everyone is aware of the major underappreciation of the technical (tech) theater students.  At SCPA all theater majors other than musical theater majors are required to take a tech class.

Tech theater majors live in a world behind the curtain, happy to comply and do most of the literal heavy lifting. They create anything from a rotating bed to the yellow brick road, and although the workload is often dangerous they remain under-acknowledged and sadly under-appreciated.

Because they are not required to take it, musical theater students don’t know how hard a tech class works to prepare and execute for a show.

Junior Eri’ana Lindsey, a theater performance major at SCPA, said “Musical theater majors don’t have to take technical theater, so they don’t really know how hard it actually is.”

In the winter season main stage musical, Legally Blonde, there were always at least two people on the soundboard at all times, about three people strapping mics onto the actors, and one person working the fly rails, and that does not include the countless others working backstage on crew and the multitude of classes that worked on the actual building of the set. In the class where lighting has to hit an exact spot and sound effects need to match every sharp action happening on stage, it’s hard to understand how the effort in making the show magical is overlooked.

Sophomore tech theater major C.J. Edmiston, said  “On Legally Blonde, I was a props person and myself, along with my peers, felt a little underappreciated by some of the musical theater majors, but definitely not all of them.”

Many SCPA students, including some musical theater majors, do appreciate the hard work. Some even request tech classes as electives to have the experience and relate with tech majors. With all the hustle and bustle of a musical, or even a play, the theater department remembers to thank one another for all their wonderful help and contribution to make an outstanding production.

Tech majors are a team of individuals with a vast set of acquired skills who strive for excellence under overwhelming stress. So next time you recognize a tech major, give them a pat on the back and say “thank you.”

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