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Michelle Solis, Student Journalist

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On February 22nd-24th, SCPA’s Production of New Faces hit the stage for the first time since the 80’s, giving an opportunity for newly enrolled students to showcase their art.


New Faces was performed in the Florence Johnson Grand Theatre, with one matinee show and two evening shows that welcomed parents, students, and other community members. Freshman Gwyneth Torio, who participated in the event, gives her thoughts pertaining to the attendance of the show. “We’re not only going to have to support our high school students, but our middle school students as well. So yes, it is a definite must see and it gives a boost for our middle schoolers’ confidence.


261 students performed in the show. Because there were middle schoolers and high schoolers participating in the production this school year, the number of pieces within the two acts were increased. The pieces in this year’s production of New Faces included middle school band, middle school choir, general musical theater, 6th, 7th and 9th grade theater students, 6th and 7th grade ballet, 8th grade ballet, ballet 1/2, 3/4, 5/6  and 7/8, tap/jazz 1/2 and modern 1/2.  


This increase in musical numbers also provided more opportunities for the middle school students to have time  on stage. Torio additionally mentions how New Faces is an exceptional chance for sixth graders. “New Faces helps our school in a way where middle schoolers get to have a spotlight, because usually we get to see our high schoolers perform. But this gives our middle schoolers a chance to shine. “


8th grader Summer Zazo-Waterman expresses how New Faces has benefitted the students’ stage work, Experience is good, it looks good on resumes and it’s fun for people who are in it and it’s nice for the parents to come see their children in a show.” Freshman Clarice Perez adds that the show gives these middle school performers exposure to work as a group.


These students have worked on the production since the beginning of the year. Now that they have performed, some students feel a bit glad that the process of working on their piece is finally over. 8th grader Jennalyn Domingo expresses, “I’m glad, I guess, because we’re done with the songs we’ve learned and we can move onto different things.”


Just like any production, there were some difficulties within the procedure of creating the numbers and cooperating as a team of performers. 8th grader Hope-Elizabeth Dagdagan shares, It was kind of frustrating, because no one ended up liking the dance and they started to not want to do it and the day of the last performance, I had to go on without a partner because my partner decided to be someone else’s partner instead.”


At the end of the day, complications like those did not make the experience any less valuable. Once the final lights on New Faces dimmed,  these students enjoyed the show– feeling joyful about performing for their school. Next time this production hits the stage of the Florence Johnson Grand Theatre, be sure to order your tickets and enjoy all of the new faces!


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