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BY OLIVIA STAPLES, Student Journalist

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It seems that finals week is the one week people from everywhere can relate to. The stress that sits on your shoulders as you scribble inside a teensy bubble, hoping the letter you just colored over is the correct letter to color over, is something any student this year can understand. No matter how hard you study, (or don’t), it’s still in the back of your mind, taunting you. For some people this year has only been minorly stressful. However, sophomore Nya Kim begs to differ. “It was more stressful this year than freshman year….I’m really stressing over finals, I don’t understand.”


Students handle their school stress in many different ways. For many it can become distracting to the point that it affects what they are doing. “Stress, it can stop you from finishing everything because if you know you have to do this, this and this, then you take the time to stress over doing it rather than actually taking that time to do it.” explains sophomore Bella Balestrero.“Stress has made me cry everyday of my life, especially with finals” she adds. 8th grader Maddi Harris, tells us how stress can affect her grades and her ability to think, “When I do get stressed it can really affect how I think when I’m on a test and it affects the grade I get on a test.” Another effect of stress is sleep. Kim says that stress keeps her from getting any sleep at night and she ends up using class time to catch up on it, “If I’m stressed out then that means I don’t get any sleep and when I don’t sleep then I get cranky and I just sleep in class, and end up getting all my work done at home.”


Depending on the class, the stress levels can vary. In particular, many students can agree that math is one of the most difficult and stressful subjects to study for and have. Jessica Crespo explains, “Math finals is really stressing me out right now….either Math or Science are the classes that just really stress me out.” Harris can also vouch that math is pretty hard, “The only one [final] I’m kinda unsure about is Math, the others I’m pretty good about…I’d say that sometimes in Math class it can get really difficult.” Math isn’t the only troubling subject; Kim explains, “Not all of them are stressful [classes], it’s just mainly AP World and honors chem…”.


After all the stress is over students have a summer to, hopefully, relax. There are various methods to relax. “I sleep a lot after all the stressing,” states freshman Ashley Sanchez. Balestrero takes her time and just chills, “I’m probably getting Iceskimo and some Sipz and watching some anime.” Finals week can be stressful, but after all the tests have been taken and the homework has been turned in and graded and you’ve finally accepted that 79.6% on your report card, you have one summer to relax and prepare yourself for about 180 more days of stress.

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