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Body Rock Junior is holding their 6th annual  dance competition in San Diego, a youth team dance competition welcome to any under 18 teams from all over the world. This competition is one of the biggest competitions here in San Diego, next to Hip Hop International (HHI) and teams are coming from cities all over the world, such as Tokyo, Vancouver, Moscow, San Diego and many more. Over 19 teams will be competing in this competition. Four teams will be in the exhibition match, while the 15 other teams will be competing.


This year’s competition will be on June 24, 2017, at the Escondido’s California Center of the Arts. The show starts at 6pm, with a pre-show at 4pm. The competition is to show off youth teams that have been working hard. Preordered tickets are being sold for $22, or guests can buy them at the door for $25.



Last year’s 1st place winner in Body Rock Juniors was GRaVy Babies (a team based in Walnut, California), taking 2nd place was Izumi Company Jr (based in Tokyo, Japan) and 3rd place was ILL Habits (a team based here in San Diego, California). These three will definitely be returning to the stage.


There are two teams in Body Rock Juniors that have been competing to stay in the top three over the past few years now, ILL Habits and GRaVy Babies. These two teams have been in the top three for the past four years now. In 2014’s Body Rock Juniors competition, ILL Habits won 1st place while GRaVy Babies took 3rd place; since then the two teams have been switching places back and forth. In 2013, ILL Habits took 2nd place while GRaVy Babies took 1st place.  


These teams have been working hard this year, so who will take first place?

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