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Lyka Luzano and Abril Arenas

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SCPA held dance master classes on March 16th, 23th, and  April 6th. The master classes were preparing the students for an audition led by Hope Boykin and were taught by Khamla, known for using the Horton Technique. These classes were for the upcoming audition for the spring dance concert, In-motion.

The rehearsals were right after school at Studio 4, from 2-4pm. Boykin left to go back to New York for work, so Khalma continued teaching her choreography.  The rehearsals went on during spring break for the students who had passed the auditions.

Over forty students went to the audition and thirty-five students passed. Students who went on found out they got in on the day of the audition.

Sophomore Queenie Sam said, “It was extremely difficult, but I survived. I was able to get through most of the things she made us do, but some moves felt impossible. I think the combination and speed was difficult.”

Sam also said that she will definitely use the techniques she learned from Khalma in her dancing routine. Sam continued on, saying, “It was an interesting yet amazing experience because of how differently she worked compared to the teachers here at SCPA. She based her movement on Horton technique….I learned a lot in a short time.”

To wrap up the interview, Sam said, “It prepared me to work and think fast. I had to be able to move quickly and comprehend instructions fast.”

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