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After sticking to several years of an interchanging block schedule, SCPA staff has released a schedule change for the 2017-2018 school year.

Science teacher Rebecca Babbey, a member of the governance team says, “So next year we will be operating on a different schedule that was agreed upon by the administration, the governance team, and the staff. And we chose to go in this direction so that we have more consistency in order to encourage outside professional artists and collaborators to come and work with our students.”

This format will certainly affect the original class times. For example, the change will refine and organize the week, creating more balanced instructional days.

However, there will be shorter passing periods and shower bells.

Theoretically, this means that dance majors, musical theater majors, P.E. students—anyone who uses the locker room during the day– will have less time to change into their uniform. In addition, a shorter passing period may affect the rate of tardiness, giving students on the far ends of the campus less time to make it to class before the bell rings. On the other hand, it is only one less minute in this change, so not too drastic a modification to stress about. In fact, most schools in the district have one to two less minutes in their passing periods compared to SCPA.

In response to many rumors going around, like having longer class periods or going home later than two o’clock, the new shorter passing periods will not influence how long the school day is, nor will it allot more time to a specific class period. They are all standard periods four days a week, 90 minutes a day and Monday is reserved for minimum or full days, as well as first period being a shorter period.

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