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The Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, A Chorus Line, made its debut on February 1st in the Florence Johnson Grand Theater with a free after-school matinee for students. Tickets are selling out fast!

A Chorus Line centers on 17 dancers auditioning for a spot in “a chorus line.” During the audition process, each dancer reveals parts of their personal lives, including what inspired them to be dancers and the hardships they faced. The musical first premiered in 1975 and was one of the longest running Broadway plays. It remains the sixth longest running Broadway production ever, even after its Broadway closing in 1990. The production was originally directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett. SCPA’s rendition was directed and choreographed by Roxane Carrasco. In addition, the original Broadway lighting design was re-created for the SCPA production.

Junior Catarina Quintana plays the role of Kristine Urich, one of the 17 hopeful dancers in the production. “I was beyond excited to be in this show. I worked very hard to be a part of the wonderful process and I couldn’t be having more fun.”

“My role in particular is a non-singing role, which was something very new for me, yet it came along with many challenges such as really embodying my character. One of my biggest challenges in the show was my dancing and it took lots of practice and preparation to really get that up to par… it really just came down to focusing in on what I needed to create my character and tell my story,” Quintana adds.

Students who attended the performance felt that the actors worked very hard on the production. Senior Diana Montoya went to the matinee performance and states, “I thought the show was really good, especially for something that didn’t have an intermission. There was a lot of effort put in by the actors.”

A Chorus Line involves a lot of dancing, which required rigorous amounts of practice from the actors. Junior Audrey Lacher, who plays the role of Judy Turner states, “It was very challenging for me to master Michael Bennett’s choreography because of how ‘funky’ and loose it is.”

Many students enjoyed the style of dancing employed in the production. Senior Joana Suing attended the matinee performance and comments, “I liked the ending number, especially the hats they used. It looked cute; it reminded me of musicals where they do leg kicks, old-fashioned ones.” The type of musical Suing is referring to are musicals from the 1940s- 1960s, or “Golden Age” musicals. This period of musical theatre featured burlesque humor, social commentary, and the incorporation of strong storylines into elaborate dance and singing performances.

The show takes a close look at the audition process for performers, especially the struggle of it. Many performers at SCPA are familiar with the process and are likely to resonate with it.

Lacher says, “I was very excited to be a part of A Chorus Line because I have always had a connection to the show.”

Montoya contributes, “Good job to the actors. I think people who know what the audition process is like will enjoy it because they’re familiar with it.”

The show will run from the 1st of February through the 24th. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults. Sixth and seventh grade students must have a signed permission slip in order to attend the show.

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