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Lyka Luzano, Student journalist

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Most people look forward to snow in the winter, but San Diego students look forward to high school conferences! On February 3rd, Kaibigan [email protected] (KP)  held their annual high school conference at University of California San Diego (UCSD), providing an opportunity for high school students to get tips about the college life. Kaibigan [email protected] is a Filipino organization for Filipino-American students (and others) to learn about college, as well as their own culture.


Kaibigan [email protected] started in 1987 and slowly began to expand over the years. KP is sponsored by the program, Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Services (SPACES), which allows students to collab with UCSD students to “achieve higher educational equity.”


The Main purpose of SPACES is to help students gain access to a higher education, increase the retention of UCSD undergraduates, and even increase higher education for post graduate educations. KP’s high school conference, help students learn about colleges and what to expect when they attend, as well as  getting an inside from the UCSD students on their own experience during their college years.


However, KP does not only  talk about colleges. Since it was created by a Filipino organization, they do emphasize the Filipino culture a lot. They discuss issues of today and how to really tap into the Filipino culture and our own community. To learn about the Filipino culture, students can take workshops that will give a small portion of the history and how things  eventually came to be. Whereas other workshops will teach and show many different things.


picture of Heather De Leon

When asked about Kaibigan [email protected], 10th grader, Heather De Leon thought that a high school conference was just gathering in an auditorium and watching a talent show, since many students who attended previous conferences talked about that final activity. However, she later learned that KP has a theme each year;  this year’s being   “help encourage their point of ‘how far I’ll go’

picture of Trisha Yumul

Another student who attended the event, 10th grader, Trisha Yumul stated that she thought that KP was a lot like AB Samahan and was a “place to meet new people.” But she later learned that there is so much more to the event, which is another thing that students who previously attended other similar conferences talked about.

Yumul believes that KP emphasizes “higher education and that you can achieve anything.” She adds on that she liked “exploring different art forms in workshops and learning how to become successful in different areas.”

picture of Joshua Sagisi

Joshua Sagisi, a 10th grader from Morse High school said that he thought of KP as an opportunity because it’s something he’s never heard of. He also stated, “I believe that it emphasizes the pursuit of a higher education, and I believe that’s important.”When Sagisi was asked about why he decided to attend KP, he stated that he decided to go because of past experiences with high school conferences and his interest in the pursuit of an higher education.

Although KP may sound as if it focuses on the Filipino culture and College, there is so much more to the event which everyone looks forward to.  Everyone should take this chance to learn about colleges and look forward to this opportunity.



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