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Good Vs Bad Anime

Lyka Luzano, student Journalist

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Anime is a very popular form of entertainment among kids, teens, and adults. Animes are Japanese animated shows ranging from many genres including, action, drama, romance, comedy and more.

I’ve been a fan of anime since about seventh grade. Now I’m a sophomore in high school, and I still enjoy watching it although my taste and opinions have changed. Below, I have reviewed a few animes I have watched and given my honest opinions.


Starting off with the animes that I would recommend, one I have just recently finished is Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April).

Your Lie in April falls into the category of drama, romance, and adolescence. The show has one season with twenty-two episodes. I personally loved this series due to  the plot and excellent and well-detailed artwork. The characters had huge development. Each character has different personalities, but they somehow complimented each other.

The story starts off with  Kousei Arima, a young pianist who is a third year in junior high. Arima had given up the piano due to a personal reason and hadn’t touched it in two years until he met a happy, cheerful, and optimistic girl who switches between a hot and cold attitude. Her name is Kaori Miyazono, a violinist. Miyazono teaches Arima that music isn’t just something that’s a ‘hobby,’ she teaches him that it’s a passion and what the true feeling of being a musician.

Truthfully, when I first heard about this, I thought it would actually be pretty boring but after taking the time to watch the anime, I’ve decided that I really enjoy the series a lot. The series made me realize things that I never did before and taught me that I should be passionate about the things I love. Your Lie in April was a very emotional anime that had brought me to tears since some of the scenes within the show were very relatable. Typically when it comes to anime, I prefer action and comedy rather than drama or romance due to the fact that I find those two less intriguing.  I would recommend this anime to those who are interested in drama and romance.

Number two on the list is, Haikyuu. Haikyuu is a sports anime about volleyball. It runs for three seasons in total, season one and two having around twenty-five episodes, whereas the third season only has about thirteen episodes.

Haikyuu starts off with the main character, Hinata Shouyou who has a passion for playing volleyball. Starting off when he is  in junior high, he competes against his rival, Kageyama Tobio, a very well known volleyball player. Kageyama is also referred to as “King of the Court” though he hates that name. The first season starts off with Kageyama and Hinata becoming the well known Karasuno Duo, creating a special skill only Hinata can succeed in. They recruit some new members to the team as well, finally going against different highschool teams, such as Dateko High, Seijoh High, etc.

The second season is where more characters and teams are introduced, such as Bokuto and Akaashi from Fukurodani, two captains from the most successful teams within their prefecture of Japan. Majority of the characters are introduced and you see so many different types of teams with different personalities and skills. When watching the anime I really got to see the growth of the characters, especially in the main team, Karasuno with all the characters developing their skills.

Third season of Haikyuu goes straight into the final match of nationals, the most awaited match of Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno. he two top teams go head to head to see who will win nationals, where you see each characters’ struggles within the match and how they overcome them.

Overall, this anime was an amazing development for the characters with such a great and well-rounded plot line. I would highly recommend this anime to those who are interested in sports. Seeing how Hinata and Kageyama, develop their partnership throughout the series and how the other characters, strengthen themselves and the team, and even overcoming their own fears/challenges is inspiring.

Number three on the list  of a good animes is K-project (also referred as K), running for about three seasons. Season one running for twelve episodes while season two, K: Missing kings is a movie. Finally the third season K: Return of kings, is about twelve episodes.

K-project, also known as K is such a great anime to watch, not only is the artwork amazing, the plot and whole idea of the story is unique. I think this anime would appeal to those who love action/fighting series.

The story starts off with the main character, Yashiro Isana, who is just a normal highschool student. Soon he finds himself being chased by a group of gang members, accused of killing their member. The boy clearly has no memory of killing the male due to him not actually being present in that body. The idea of Kings comes from the gang leaders, who possess the aura’s that the king gives to their team as a contract, a way to actually get the aura is by the king deciding whether or not they want you to join. There are four clans with rankings of the kings that make them the most powerful; Scepter 4 (blue, Rank 4), Homra (red, Rank 3), Timeless Palace (gold, Rank 2), and the Jungle clan (green, rank 5) which this clan is not mentioned until K: Missing Kings. here are more clans, but these four are the major clans mentioned within the anime. Also including the main character’s clan, Yashiro Isana’s clan, White Rice Party (silver, Rank 1).

Season two, K: Missing of Kings is the movie that continues off where K had left off. The movie starts off with the Homra clan being disbanded due to their king being not present. In this movie, the Jungle clan is present and active. The Jungle clan has suddenly being popular due to a game they are playing, where they allow other people to join their clan as a game. They are given tasks to earn points and ranks, until meeting a certain rank where they can personally meet the green king, Nagare Hisui. Kuroh Yatogami meets an old acquaintance who he knew from his previous master before he died, the two going head to head in battle.

The third season continues from where Missing Kings left off, where the Homra clan now has a new king and Yashiro Isana has returned and made the decision to act against the Jungle clan.

In all honesty, the characters were amazing as well, most notably the  supporting characters. Yata Misaki (Homra) has a hot and cold personality. He’s rather rude but has a lot of pride, especially in Homra. He gets irritated very easily and is very vulgar but he’s very respectful towards his Homra members. Misaki is shown to be really hateful towards Saruhiko Fushimi (Scepter 4), as the show goes on Fushimi and Misaki are seen often fighting. Within the second and third season, Misaki is shown to actually still care about Fushimi despite their past and constant hatred against each other. Saruhiko Fushimi, a previous member of Homra, is seen as very straightforward and bored, later in fights he’s seen as a psychotic, as Misaki calls him “a damn monkey.” As well as the characters beside Yashiro Isana, like Neko and Kuroh Yatogami.


Neko, in the first seen as a small kitty who stumbled across Yashiro Isana, who decides to take the little pet home. Later learning she’s actually a human that can shift into a kitty, she’s referred to as a strain within the series but isn’t aware of it. She’s a girl who is constantly clinging to Yashiro and will become defensive over him if he’s taken away. Neko is also seen as childish and always asking stuff that doesn’t make sense to Kuroh Yatogami.

Kuroh Yatogami, a clansmen apart of the silver clan, is seen around Yashiro often. Kuroh is seen protecting Yashiro as well. He’s very loyal and obedient to his masters, he loves his previous master and often listens to his haikus at random times within the show (which doesn’t really make sense but it’s funny). He’s quiet and a gentleman, but when angered he becomes hot-headed. He’s always determined to complete his goals as well. Within the show, he’s seen as a strong and skilled fighter, and around others he’s on the quiet side who tends to call people idiots

I personally found everyone within the anime to be so interesting especially with all of them having such a different and unique background, also with the different personalities. They really do make a huge impression and immediately caught my eye when watching, The animation was beautifully done and I seriously admired watching how the graphics would change, especially how detailed it was as well. It was well executed along with the story line.


Moving onto the animes that I personally did not like, the first series is Sword Art Online. The most popular and overrated anime ever known to any anime watcher.

Sword Art Online runs for about three seasons, with different arcs, the main arc (season one) taking place in the video game Sword Art Online; the second season is the Phantom Bullet Arc; the  third is the Mother’s Rosario Arc.

The whole anime centers on the character, Kirito Kaguya who gets trapped in a video game with other Sword Art Online players, having to defeat all one hundred levels to actually leave the game. Kirito was stuck in the game for about two years, meeting characters like Asuna Yuuki, who later becomes his girlfriend in the first season. Together they complete quests and beat bosses after their encounter on the first quest. Kirito decides to join Asuna’s guild, where later he learns that the creator of the game is in that guild. After successfully beating the game, Kirito finds out that Asuna is trapped in another game, since she had died in Sword Art Online, risking her life to save Kirito. The game she is trapped in is Alfheim Online, which is a very short arc, maybe running for about ten episodes.

Moving onto the second season, Gun Gale or referred to as the Phantom Bullet arc, a new character is introduced, Shino Asada who is referred to as Sinon (her screen name). Sinon encounters Kirito, who has a character new model that looks similar to a female character design, when he was looking for a weapon of choice. In the game, Shino displays a very brave, calm attitude in the game of Gun Gale Online. During battles, she keeps a cool head but once angered, she tends to display a violent temper. However, outside of the game, Shino is seen as a very quiet and fragile girl, having the fear of guns due to her past of having to kill a robber with it as a child. When shown a gun, she will have a nervous breakdown and sometimes will be on the verge of collapsing. As the arc continues, Kirito basically teaches Sinon that we all have regrets/things we aren’t happy about so later in the arc, towards the end, Sinon shows a change in character.

Within the Phantom Bullet arc, a new enemy arises called Death Gun. The players he kills in the game will be killed in real life (similar to the Sword Art Online arc). However, these murders are planned out so this enemy, Death Gun has a certain list of people who to kill. Kirito and Sinon team up, trying to figure out who exactly Death Gun  is, which Kirito later finds out that Death gun was apart of a guild called ‘Laughing Coffin,’ mentioned in season one of Sword Art Online, which is a clan known for killing players. As the season continues, Sinon learns many things from Kirito which she uses to overcome her fear of guns to help her later in the season.

Mother’s Rosario arc was probably the most popular and impactful arc among the rest, where a new character, Yuuki Konno is a skilled fighter who gained popularity due to her not losing a single battle despite how strong the players were. Asuna Yuuki who takes a huge part within this series where she is recruited by Yuuki to help her guild beat this boss level they’ve been having trouble with. Asuna later learns that Yuuki is diagnosed with an incurable disease and cannot leave the hospital. Asuna decides to show Yuuki around using a digital live stream camera where Yuuki can see what’s outside of the hospital.

Although this anime was super hyped and probably was many of the first animes individuals watched,  I personally found the anime disappointing. The main character, Kirito, was overpowered and I found that there was really no development within his character as much, if anything there was forced behavior and contradictory actions. As more (mainly) female characters were introduced, they pretty much revolved around Kirito, having a crush on him so it was like a harem. I thought that it was too much because almost every girl he met was obsessed with him.

In my opinion, this series had too many filler episodes/arcs, for example after Sword Art Online, where Asuna is trapped in Alfheim Online and has a new enemy she is supposed to marry. Also the fact that Kirito’s cousin, Sugu, is mentioned to have a crush on him (which is gross and pointless to the plot). Another arc, which is the Excalibur arc, where Kirito and his acquaintances are on a journey to claim the excalibur sword which he doesn’t use at all due to it being ‘heavy.’ However, the arc I really did enjoy was the Phantom Bullet arc because Sinon does show a huge development of getting over her own fears which i thought was great.

Another anime I would not recommend is another well known anime, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan). The anime runs for about two seasons as of now and a third season is on the way. Season one of Attack On Titan runs for about twenty-two episodes and season two runs for about twelve.

The story of Attack On Titan takes place near Germany where walls were mentioned in the story, with the time period between 850 and 1500 or after that time period. Eren Jaeger, the main character of the series, has a huge grudge against titans due to his mother being eaten by one. His adoptive sister, Mikasa Ackerman sticks by his side to assist and protect him. Eren joins the military to be able to kill the titans who are these giant human like creatures (who are naked for some odd reason), but also going for the main titan known at the colossal titan who kicked down the outer wall. Now Eren, Mikasa, and Armin (a childhood friend of Eren) join the military to take back their humanity from the titans.  

Season two pretty much leaves off where Season one did, but new enemies are arriving such as a new titan who can apparently speak and control other titans. More titan shifters are introduced and etc. The season is pretty short and was left with cliffhangers so there isn’t really much to say.

Although this series was very hyped like Sword Art Online, I was disappointed and actually got irritated by the characters. Majority of the anime was basically Eren yelling how much he hates titans and will kill them all. Most of the characters were seen as overpowered or even useless to begin with. I also felt like second season was rushed due to the fans being impatient and the creator wanting to get out as much as he could. I was pretty much left disappointed within the series but I’m hoping that season three would change my mind about the anime.

Madoka Magica is another runner up on my list of bad animes, the anime runs for about one season with over twelve episodes, then continues off into three movies. I personally did not like the anime because I found it rather idiotic. It is an action and magical anime, involving magical girls. In general I did not like the anime at all.

The anime starts off with the main character, Madoka Kaname, who stumbled across a cat like looking creature named, Kyubey. However, a new girl in Madoka’s class named, Homura Akemi, a magical girl who created a contract with Kyubey tries to stop Madoka from actually making the contract with Kyubey due to her mission of seeing the past. Along the way, Madoka’s friend, Sayaka, makes a contract with the creature. Explaining the contracts, the contracts are made by wishes, Kyubey will grant a wish chosen by the individual. However, there is consequences of the wish.

More girls are introduced, including supporting  like Mami Tomoe is introduced within the first or second episode and  Kyoko Sakura, who is mentioned within later of the series.

The movies continue but with different endings of the series so I did find the installments very repetitive.Some of the movies do take a darker turn though it’s not as graphic in the series but it is an unpleasant sight to see.

So overall, this anime was a huge no for me, I did not like the concept of the series  because it was all too easy and eventually led to a darker turn in the end. However, the art work was well done. I really enjoyed seeing the very odd creatures that looked like sanrio characters.

All of these animes had such a positive and negatives, and had so many other great things about it. However, it all comes down to personal opinion and what each person looks forward to.

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