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Salma Renteria, Managing Editor and Journalist

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As the school year is coming to an end, seniors are experiencing different emotions. Some are eager to leave and start college life, while some are scared to leave.

Senior Eva Porter says, “As of right now I think I am mentally ready to graduate, but not emotionally; I know graduation is going to be hard for me because I’ve been at this school for so long and have grown so close with so many people, but I mean I have to move on so it’s expected what’s to come.”

Seniors have paid for their caps and gowns and are in anticipation of June 12 of 2015. There are only weeks and a matter of days left until seniors are off the hook and off to the ‘real world.’

Senior Roman Scoville stated, “Well, I am going to be really excited because I don’t have to see all [these] people ever again! For me school was very boring and lame so yes I am ready to leave, I also don’t have to wake up early anymore.”

Graduation is coming very soon; seniors are definitely mentally ready to leave but when it comes to emotional readiness they don’t want to leave. In only weeks seniors will be out in the real world facing life consequences. They say they are ready.


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