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Fargin Neim, Scpa Student Journalist

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Xandria Jaravata, buries herself deeper into her sheets. The incessant alarm continues until she feels her annoyance reach its peak. Grimacing, she hits the snooze button on her alarm clock. Through her heavy eyelids the time reads 6:00 on Tuesday.

On a school day, her routine mirrors thousands of other teenagers her age, who feel more stressed than their adult counterparts. “I feel stressed all the time,” said the senior, who attends San Diego SCPA. When she’s not relaxing, she’s thinking of all the responsibilities ahead of her.

A survey conducted in 2013 by the Harris Interactive Inc. found that unhealthy behaviors associated with stress is manifesting in younger people. Many causes of their stress is from school. Isabel Tobias, a junior, says “stress mostly comes school and things have become about what letter grade you have as opposed to what you’ve actually learn and retained,”

Jaravata agrees, “I always have this constant pressure about doing everything right. I feel like the peak of my stress and pressure comes from school, because then you have more pressure to do well and it becomes stress.”

Jaravata speaks from her experience as a representative of SCPA’s yearbook. Recently she was in charge of scheduling and managing pullouts of nearly 90 students from grades 9th to 12th at appropriate times without conflicting with class lessons. It was a complicated process that she says had to be completed within two week deadline and that was “10 times more pressured.” But despite her fluctuating levels of anxiety, she handles it well. She alleviates her stress by watching comedic videos and buzzfeed. She also says the arts in her school provide distraction away from her responsibilities. “Focusing on your art, hobbies, and anything else besides whatever is stressing you out is a good way to lessen the stress and pressure,”

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