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Latoria Simmons, Scpa Student Journalist

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As social media is on the rise everyday, SCPA is finally stretching its wings in the digital age.

Many students use the app Snapchat in their day to day lives to post pictures, videos, and chat with their friends. Snapchat has become a great tool for connecting people in 10 seconds or less.

Student and ASB member Mashun Tucker has picked up on the idea of using this tool to connect students to what is going on at school. Tucker decided to create a snapchat for SCPA to run calling it everyday.scpa.

“One night I thought for advertisement we should have a new social media to advertise our school in a different way because this generation is all about social media.” said Tucker. “I post things about the shows such as the posters, upload pictures, and record random events throughout the day so people who weren’t there can see what is going on during school.”

Snapchat has become a useful and popular app to use around the school. Several students such as Gamari Howard have agreed that everyday.scpa has helped in keeping up on what’s going on at the school

“I accepted them to feel more apart of the school… I’ll see the snapchat, twitter, or anything else they use and it’s an extremely great reminder.” said Howard.

So far everyday.scpa has been successful in keeping student life and activities at the school updated. Everyday.scpa also has a twitter with the same name that also posts important events and activities pertaining to the school.

To add SCPA’s snapchat, from the app, take a picture of the code and it will automatically add them to your contacts.

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