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Latoria Simmons, Scpa Student Journalist

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K-Arts Connection is making its return at SCPA and the community thanks to the video production teacher, Pat Clark, his students, and the brand new video studio.

K-Arts was an entertaining student broadcasted show consisting of interactions with other fellow students on campus, music videos, and overall important news/events around the school. The show was very popular and had been apart of the SCPA culture until 2010 when the show depleted due to the loss of the video major, equipment, and studio.

However, after one year remodeling a new studio with a more professional feel, K-Arts is making a comeback to the tv screens of SCPA and will have fresh changes.

“Our show is going to consist of arts and entertainment, stories from not only our school, which will be our primary focus, but in the world of San Diego both locally and nationally.” said Pat Clark, video production teacher.

Besides activities on campus, the changes occurring will broaden the voices heard and speak more to the personal lives and interests outside of school.

“We’ll also talk about shows in town, movies that are coming out, music albums that are coming out, books, anything that has to do with creative work”, mentioned Clark.

SCPA students should also expect guest speakers coming in, such as filmmakers, dancers, actors, or writers, plus live performances from students to happen. K-Arts Connection, which will assume a new name, should return no later than the 2015-2016 school year.


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